Oh Gonzalo and Eye of Round

We are under a tropical storm warning right now. Gonzalo, the tropical storm with potential to become a hurricane, is currently making his way toward our fair island. To look out the window right now you really couldn’t tell there’s a storm brewing a few hundred miles from us. Especially if you were to look in on my husband and lil one snoozing away on this Columbus Day holiday.


The wind has definitely kicked up and they say by tomorrow we should be getting the rain. Hopefully it’ll keep heading northeastward and there won’t be too much damage or danger.

So what to cook to commemorate our first hurricane party experience? I’ve told you about my plight in trying to find roasts and other larger cuts of beef; yesterday I found lechon de machera. And yes, I did have to look it up. It’s an eye of round. Woohoo! While making a roast in 90 degree weather and 90% humidity may not be on the top of your list, it’s been forever some time since I cooked up a roast.

But eye of round?? I gotta admit this is not a cut I’m familiar with. So off to the internet I go and I keep coming across this cooking method that, frankly, just baffles the hell out of me. I’ve seen it multiple places and this is the one I’m using as a reference but I can’t be sure if this was the originator.

Basically you roast the piece of meat at a high high temp (500 degrees) for a designated amount based on the weight and then you TURN. OFF. THE. HEAT. and keep the roast in the oven for 2.5 hours. That’s right. No fire for 2.5 hours. And no peeking. Thank goodness for an oven window and light!

Apparently the residual heat is supposed to cook the crap out of this sucker. So the story goes.

I browned mine before sticking it in there. I figured the more cooking time the better, right? I also rolled mine in kosher salt (lots…this is a big piece of meat), black pepper, and rosemary. I so wish I had fresh but I have to settle for dried.


So the roast is on the oven, roasting at a balmy 500 degrees for 25 minutes, while I make my kitchen a virtual inferno. Needless to say the rest of my family has retreated far far away from the kitchen during this initial process.

I’m still pretty apprehensive about this method but stay tuned tomorrow as I post the results. It’ll either be yummy roast for dinner… or scrambled eggs.

With a side of tropical storm Gonzalo!

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