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37 weeks!


how far along: 37 weeks
gender: still a secret…from everyone, even us!
weight: 25 pounds (going on about 2 weeks and sticking at 25 ponds so far!)
maternity clothes: oh yea babe! And I’ve finally outgrown my medium t-shirts so I’ve being sporting large’s around the house and my maternity clothes whenever I head out.
stretch marks: thankfully no! Yea!!
belly button in or out: still pretty flat but there is a part that looks like it might, just might pop out! We shall see!
sleep: varies. Some nights I sleep great and others it takes me forever to fall asleep and then I’m up at 5 in the morning. Anxiety? Perhaps…
best moment this week: my father and I took a day trip to the beach (see photo above). It was amazing! The weather was perfect, the sand was white, and the water was blissful! It felt so good to just float and not have to carry around this extra 25 pounds! It was a great day!
miss anything: putting on my socks and running shoes without having to do contortionist moves and then being out if breath!
movement: whoa does this baby move! It sometimes feels like s/he is doing the wave in my tummy. James thinks it’s PJ playing along with the World Cup or catching a wave (from our beach trip). And the hiccups have been about 3-4 times a day. Still the coolest thing EVER!
cravings: cherries. I can go through a whole bag in about 3 days. And sliced apples dipped in caramel sauce. Yum. But that’s about it.
queasy or sick: nothing. Still really bad heartburn 24 hrs a day and nothing is working to help it go away. I read that applesauce may work so I’ll be trying that tomorrow!
looking forward to: my amazing husband is coming home Thursday night for the holiday weekend! This’ll probably be the last time I see him until after PJ is born (unless PJ decides to cooperates and shows up over the weekend)! AND I start water Zumba on tues for a few classes.

It’s gonna be a great week!

Oh insomnia…

Preggo girl problem #2,453– insomnia, brought on by having to pee 4 times at night. Which then led to preggo girl problem #2,454: rearranged the furniture in my bedroom to accommodate PJ’s pack n play and rocker (PJ will be sleeping in my room until the move to PR) and then forgetting I moved the bed on first said potty trip from above and almost running into the wall in my half-asleep stupor. Yea, been a pretty interesting morning and it’s not even 5am yet.

Upside to being awake at the pre-crack of dawn (if there is one) is that I can get in a little chat with my husband who is on Georgia time and who actually enjoys waking up before the sun. Please let this child of mine have more vizuete genes when it comes to sleeping!

So of course in my pre-dawn awakeness (is that a word??) I’ve noticed I’m yet again delinquent in posting. Food has been prepared, photos have been taken, and thoughts on commentary have rolled around in my brain, they just haven’t quite made it here. Yet. Perhaps I’ll do a huge montage of all that’s happening and catch you all up on the lazy craziness of the past week or so.

I’ll tackle that one once the sun has made an appearance! 😉


Crazy how you can get on a roll and then come to a sudden stop. That is my life in a nutshell lately. While blaming it on being preggo sounds like an awesome excuse, it really just boils down to motivation and gumption; which I currently lack…because I’m preggo?? Hhhmmmmm….

So looks like last preggo pic was for 32 weeks, which seems like WEEKS ago! It is just amazing how quickly time is flying! I’ll be doing a real bump post friday with my 35 week photo. Yep– 35 weeks tomorrow! It just seems unreal that baby PJ will be making his/her appearance in 5 weeks (or less…or more!). My father rigged up one of our bookshelves to make a diaper changing area and I’ve begun to receive some registry gifts. It is all starting to feel really real now! My father and I will be touring the Women’s Center/Labor and Delivery department either this week or next so we know what we need to do when PJ is ready to show up. (NOTE: in case you don’t know, my husband is away at FLETC training– he’s actually been away since March 24th and won’t be finished until mid-August so my father has moved in with me so I’m not alone going through the pregnancy and is basically taking the husband’s place as far as getting the honey-do’s done, helping around the house, and will be taking me to the hospital and hanging out in the delivery room if my husband is not able to make it. Yea for my awesome dad!!)

Cooking has been pretty slack the last few weeks. I’m getting the urge though to really step it up before PJ arrives and we move to Puerto Rico. I’ve got short-ribs, a lamb roast, and various beef roasts in the freezer that really need to be turned into something fabulous and decadent in the very near future! Stay tuned for that!

So here’s week 33 to catch you up and I’ll be back on track this week! Thanks for stopping by!


Never be within doors when you can rightly be without ~ Charlotte Mason

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