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Smorgasbord smashup…

And it’s not just about food!

I’ve noticed that I’ve been terribly absentminded these last few weeks and I have been neglecting my blog. My apologies to my followers. To say I’ve been crazy busy would be a fib; I’ve just been neglectful.

So here’s a smorgasbord (isn’t that such a great word??) smashup of the relevant high points of the last few weeks:

– baby Gabriela is 4 months old now! Well she was anyway on the 10th. She is a whopping 13lbs2oz, 24 inches long, and just perfect! She had her vaccinations as well and she was a rockstar. I can’t believe how big she’s getting.


IMG_4436.jpg Such personality!

– speaking of getting big…she’s also getting her first tooth! Yikes!! She’s been a little more fussy the last few days and insists wants to be held as much as possible. Other than that she’s been pretty good. Thinking the tooth will pop through any day. She’s going to be too cute with a tooth!


– cooking you ask? This week has been a bust and I sadly admit we’ve gotten takeout 2 times already. I’ve definitely lost my mojo this week. It doesn’t help that we spent 4.5 hrs at the doctor on Monday, I haven’t been to the grocery store in almost two weeks, or that Gabi is needing constant attention. I know, excuses excuses. Cooking will be had, damnit!

– when I was cooking the other week, it was pretty darn good! The standout has to be the 50 Shades of Chicken whole roasted chicken covered in bacon. The story for it is hilarious! Check out this excerpt:

“Chicken with a lardon.” [Seriously] “…He carries me in his arms to the sink. ‘I want to rinse you’, he mutters. “Now.” A strong, graceful hand cradles me under the cascading tap water while the other caresses me smoothly over the sink. His manicured fingers move in agonizingly slow arcs across my breast and the crease of my thigh. Holy cow. What is he doing to me? There’s a burning smell, and in my delirium I wonder if I’m already cooked.”

Even if you don’t ever make a recipe from here, you do just have to buy it for the novelty of the whole thing. Or at least that’s my story.


– I also did a modified version of Giada de Laurentiis’ stuffed shells. Can anything be better than ooey gooey cheesy stuffed shells? Yum!

– we’ve squeezed in some beach time. Gabi is really starting to get used to the heat and we’ve been taking her slowly into the waters edge to get her feet wet. She seems to like it. I can’t wait till she’s a little bigger to really start enjoying it all! And that’ll mean more beach trips! 😉

– next week is Thanksgiving and also my favorite holiday because of all the food! My MIL Vicki will be in town so that’ll just make things extra fun. We’re getting ready for her visit by painting the living room and finally getting around to hanging up the final pictures. I also got a huge rug for the living room and it feels so much more cozy.

So check back over the weekend as I finalize our Thanksgiving feast and FINALLY make it to the market! Can’t wait to share all the yummy goodies I’ll be whipping up!

What will you be serving??

Bon Appetit!


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