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I Wonder Wednesday!

I have been very lucky in my life to have lived in different places that offered different types of food, fruits, and veggies. I especially have my parents to thank for introducing me to a lot of different tastes at an early age (crab legs before the age of 5? Yes please!)

So I really do think that helped shape my desire to be a foodie and try out different things and recipes, which I hope to pass on to Gabriela. 


scrambled eggs with fresh dill from our garden

And in moving to Puerto Rico our arsenal of fruits and veggies available to us (via little small side of the street vendors) is pretty awesome! 

Case in point: La quenepa.  We had this when we just moved here (almost a year ago! WOW!) But we hadn’t had it since. Right now is the peak time for these little guys so there’s someone selling them everywhere. We picked up this bunch for $2! We also got some free advice from the seller that you can use these to make infused rum. I’m totally into this and apparently is a specialty over in Vieques called Bilí. 
It’s some work to get the minute fruit that’s in each pod but it’s still oh so good. 


bunch of fresh quenepas!

So I wonder…how do these fruits get discovered? In fact, how did any of our fruits, veggies, beef, pork, chicken, seafood…what-have-you, get introduced to society? Who was that person who looked at these pods and said, ‘yea, I think we can eat these!’? And even makes me wonder MORE  are those foods that have to be cooked to certain temperatures in order for them to be no longer fatal. How did that all work? Who would volunteer for THAT job?! 
Food is wonderful and amazing and should be sought after for its unique and differing tastes and textures. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in many places that helped expand and shape my palate that I just crave good, quality food. I try to pass this on to my family by cooking at home daily and also exploring new and innovative restaurants/shops that also take pride in their product. While I live with two ‘meat and potato’ kinda guys, ever so often a little foodie comes out in them. And I’m hoping the same will be true with Gabriela. 

So, as Andrew Zimmern says, ‘if it looks good…EAT IT!’


cheese plate from Lenel’s in Arecibo; from the weekend


sorry…couldn’t help but include a little pool action



Oh baby, baby.

So I’m sitting here in the dark. One arm cradling Gabriela. Trying not to make any sudden movements because she’s got a bad case of the ‘babies’ today! I brag and brag about how wonderful she is: sleeping through our 12 hr flight from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico; our multiple trips between housing and our house; and dealing with these warm ass Puerto Rican days.

Well today, she just wanted to remind us that indeed she is a baby and we’ve had it easy. And it really began three days ago when she hadn’t pooped all day. Did you know that exclusively breast fed babies, aka EBF (there’s even a Facebook group) can go up to 14 days without pooping!?!? Now that just doesn’t seem right. But gabi didn’t go until today: 3 days!

So maybe she was just ticked off that she didn’t have her normal 4+ poops a day and she just wanted to make it known. Or maybe she’s just being a baby.

All I know is: my father is working on arranging furniture, my husband is out fetching dinner (no easy feat just yet), and I’m sitting in the dark with my darling little one. Inconvenient. Sure. Frustrating. Perhaps. But I figure there could be worse things. As long as she’s happy and comfy, I’m happy and comfy.

Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow!!

Let’s just hope my left arm works tomorrow.


8 weeks!

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going by! Sweet Gabriela is 8 weeks old (she’ll be 2 months on the 10th). While 8 weeks may not be a long lifetime, I can think back to when she was just a little itty bitty newborn and how I thought she would stay that way forever. Boy was I wrong.


But these 8 weeks have been amazing, filled with ups, downs, challenges, accomplishments, and wonderful wow moments.

These 8 weeks with baby included packing up a whole house, flying from Jacksonville to New York to Puerto Rico (yes, all one trip), and then unpacking a whole new house (which is still getting unpacked, slowly but surely).

Moving is a life event on it’s own but moving to an island with a newborn made this definitely a challenging life event; at least for me. And I must say, some moments of this event were not so pretty coming from my end. These last 8 weeks really showed me that yes, indeed, I can handle whatever life may throw at me! But that I also need to be more patient, more understanding, more open to not being such a control freak person, and most definitely more kind to my husband who is nothing short of amazing.


We have accomplished so much these last 8 weeks and lil Gabi is growing and thriving in her new home. They say it takes a village to help raise a child and my little village here is helping raise such a perfect, beautiful little girl. Big thank you to my father, husband, and for all the love from family and friends far away— I really couldn’t have done these 8 weeks without you!


So as these 8 weeks come to a close and my lil girl turns 2 moths old this week (along with her 2 month shots) I see myself practicing more kindness, compassion, and understanding.

These last few weeks seems like a blur so I’m hoping once the house is finally unpacked I’ll be able to sit back, look around, and really take in our great wonderful life here and continue to watch baby Gabriela grow and make incredible memories.



PS— I’m writing this at 3.40 in the morning, on my iphone with one hand, while cuddling my little one with my other arm, running on not so much sleep, with a mini flashlight as a nightlight so that could explain why I’m feeling terribly sentimental and uncharacteristically sappy at the moment. ☺️

37 weeks!


how far along: 37 weeks
gender: still a secret…from everyone, even us!
weight: 25 pounds (going on about 2 weeks and sticking at 25 ponds so far!)
maternity clothes: oh yea babe! And I’ve finally outgrown my medium t-shirts so I’ve being sporting large’s around the house and my maternity clothes whenever I head out.
stretch marks: thankfully no! Yea!!
belly button in or out: still pretty flat but there is a part that looks like it might, just might pop out! We shall see!
sleep: varies. Some nights I sleep great and others it takes me forever to fall asleep and then I’m up at 5 in the morning. Anxiety? Perhaps…
best moment this week: my father and I took a day trip to the beach (see photo above). It was amazing! The weather was perfect, the sand was white, and the water was blissful! It felt so good to just float and not have to carry around this extra 25 pounds! It was a great day!
miss anything: putting on my socks and running shoes without having to do contortionist moves and then being out if breath!
movement: whoa does this baby move! It sometimes feels like s/he is doing the wave in my tummy. James thinks it’s PJ playing along with the World Cup or catching a wave (from our beach trip). And the hiccups have been about 3-4 times a day. Still the coolest thing EVER!
cravings: cherries. I can go through a whole bag in about 3 days. And sliced apples dipped in caramel sauce. Yum. But that’s about it.
queasy or sick: nothing. Still really bad heartburn 24 hrs a day and nothing is working to help it go away. I read that applesauce may work so I’ll be trying that tomorrow!
looking forward to: my amazing husband is coming home Thursday night for the holiday weekend! This’ll probably be the last time I see him until after PJ is born (unless PJ decides to cooperates and shows up over the weekend)! AND I start water Zumba on tues for a few classes.

It’s gonna be a great week!


Crazy how you can get on a roll and then come to a sudden stop. That is my life in a nutshell lately. While blaming it on being preggo sounds like an awesome excuse, it really just boils down to motivation and gumption; which I currently lack…because I’m preggo?? Hhhmmmmm….

So looks like last preggo pic was for 32 weeks, which seems like WEEKS ago! It is just amazing how quickly time is flying! I’ll be doing a real bump post friday with my 35 week photo. Yep– 35 weeks tomorrow! It just seems unreal that baby PJ will be making his/her appearance in 5 weeks (or less…or more!). My father rigged up one of our bookshelves to make a diaper changing area and I’ve begun to receive some registry gifts. It is all starting to feel really real now! My father and I will be touring the Women’s Center/Labor and Delivery department either this week or next so we know what we need to do when PJ is ready to show up. (NOTE: in case you don’t know, my husband is away at FLETC training– he’s actually been away since March 24th and won’t be finished until mid-August so my father has moved in with me so I’m not alone going through the pregnancy and is basically taking the husband’s place as far as getting the honey-do’s done, helping around the house, and will be taking me to the hospital and hanging out in the delivery room if my husband is not able to make it. Yea for my awesome dad!!)

Cooking has been pretty slack the last few weeks. I’m getting the urge though to really step it up before PJ arrives and we move to Puerto Rico. I’ve got short-ribs, a lamb roast, and various beef roasts in the freezer that really need to be turned into something fabulous and decadent in the very near future! Stay tuned for that!

So here’s week 33 to catch you up and I’ll be back on track this week! Thanks for stopping by!


32 Weeks– WOW!



How far along: 32 weeks
Gender: still clueless but lately I’ve been flip-flopping between a girl and a boy!
Weight gain: 18 pounds. Actually LOST a pound since my last appointment 3 weeks ago. Really wasn’t trying to but I think between being more mindful of what we are eating and getting back to zumba I finally leveled out.
Maternity clothes: 100% maternity clothes that are uber comfy!
Stretch marks: Still a NO!
Belly button in or out: Innie. But it really is starting to flatten out.
Sleep: Sleep is still a struggle but at least I am lucky that I can nap during the day.
Best moment this week: My husband James was able to come home for the weekend. He hasn’t seen PJ and the belly in 9 weeks. Was very nice to have him home, even if it was just for a few days.
Miss anything: being able to slip my socks on without having to maneuver around the belly.
Movement: still rocking and rolling in there! Still fascinates me!
Cravings: I have about 10 different cravings a day. Trick is narrowing it down to what I’m REALLY craving, which varies from day to day.
Queasy or sick: Heartburn still but getting used to it. Ugh.
Looking forward to: some very much needed pool time…in our baby pool. 🙂

31 weeks!

cute preggo shirt!

cute preggo shirt!


How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: still not finding out and it’s starting to get serious with these guesses! 😉
Weight gain: 19 pounds still!! Really trying to keep the weight in the check and being back in zumba and walking is REALLY helping!
Maternity clothes: 100% maternity clothes that are uber comfy!
Stretch marks: big NO! Whew!
Belly button in or out: In! The husband says the belly button will pop out when PJ is ready to make an appearance. Ya know, like a built in timer!
Sleep: Right now it seems like every other night I get a really good night’s sleep but then the next night I toss and turn and am wide awake at 4 in the morning.
Best moment this week: My amazing sister in law is getting together the announcements for baby PJ AND even sent his/her first “gift”: a playard!!
Miss anything: sleeping through the night!
Movement: OH YEA! I think s/he naps during zumba but as soon as I lay down the movements and kicking starts! I was able to FINALLY catch some movement on video to share with the husband!
Cravings: Pineapple and watermelon. No kidding!
Queasy or sick: Heartburn is not so bad. Bad. But better.
Looking forward to: Having the husband home soon for a weekend so I can take a bath and he can help me out of the tub!! HAHA!!
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