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New adventures!

So I started writing a ‘catch up’ post the other day explaining my absence from my blog, but of course, I got sidetracked and never got around to finishing it. So here’s a quick sum up of the last month and few weeks:

– we had our baby! July 10 at 6.36p little Gabriela Esperanza arrived healthy and happy! She weighed 6lbs10oz and was 21in long. Perhaps I’m biased, but she’s a cutie!

2weeks old

2weeks old


– my husband wasn’t able to make the actual birth due to his training in Georgia so my father was with me the whole time: from admission into the hospital to taking the very first pic of Gabi. I can’t ever thank him enough for doing that and being the best birth coach ever!

Going home!

Going home!

– my husband graduated on the 15th, came home that night, and we proceeded to pack up our house in preparation for our move! (For those new to my little blog, we are relocating to Puerto Rico due to my husband getting a new job. How cool is that!?!)

So the last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least! The house has been packed and our container is currently en route to the port and then onto a ship, to hopefully arrive in San Juan in 2-3 weeks! Fingers crossed.

Goodbye household belongings!

Goodbye household belongings!

With the house gone, literally, today we start our looooong journey to Puerto Rico. We are currently in a very overpacked VW Jetta wagon consisting of 3 adults, a newborn, 5 pieces of luggage, a stroller, car seat, and a guitar, heading to Jacksonville to drop our car at the port. It’s the darndest thing watching all of your belongings AND car be shipped off into the unknown and hope that it somehow makes it’s way back to you in another location. Talk about letting go!

The car ships today and then we fly off tomorrow night for Aguadilla! And that little experience is going to be filled with angst as it’s the first time I’ve ever gone through airport security with a newborn, fly with a newborn, and go to Puerto Rico for the first time. Out flight is at 6pm, which first goes to New York (who’s brilliant plan was that) and then we arrive in PR at 3 in the morning. Again, another brilliant planner put that one together. Please be saying a little prayer for this mama!

i must say though that I am very lucky for a few things that will most definitely help with my anxiety level: my husband who goes out of his way to make sure I don’t freak out or have an utter meltdown and who is always so kind to me when I do in fact freak out and have an utter meltdown; my father who epitomizes the whole laissez-faire mentality and keeps calm and collected; and my daughter who certainly has the Vizuete gene of being a fabulous napper; and Puerto Rico. What more is there to say?

So stay tuned and read up on our trip (eeeck), our new island life with our new addition, and more musings from my kitchen




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