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I wonder wednesday…

Hey gang! Sorry for being MIA the last couple of weeks. Motivation level was low and tiredness was high. I think we are just getting into a routine with the husband working nights, especially with my father back from Georgia. But my anxiety has been running high (hence no sleep) because we’re moving baby/big girl Gabriela into her own room this week. It only took 15.5 months! But more on that later this week AND I’ll be doing a recap of my two day Mujer Brava race from the other weekend. Lots to catch up on. But first….

I wonder Wednesday: Celebrities. 

This whole wondering occurred the other night at around 2am, laying in bed, wide ass awake, and thinking about a dream I just had about  Geoffrey Zakarian, celebrity chef (and who, I have to admit, I think is quite sexy in a weird kinda way. Could it be the silver hair; the glasses; his authority he exudes when cooking;his dapper wardrobe…who knows…but still sexy.) Oh- back to the dream! From what I can put together I was in his school and I failed miserably at something and he was so sweet about it. Subconscious kicking in? Perhaps. 😉

So it got me to wondering: how do people, let’s just use chefs for this example, become CELEBRITIES? I know with the age of technology, television, blogging/vlogging, youtube, Instagram, etc etc there’s a lot of people out there showcasing their talents. And believe me, I’d be in utter awe if I met GZ, Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, ~swoon~ Tyler Florence…but in the grand scheme of things, these folks are just cooks/chefs. How did they get so big and grandiose?

I guess it just goes to show you that a star can be born at anytime. So keep on cooking, crafting, singing, acting, getting yourself out there because you never know when someone might be wondering and in awe of your stardom!

And a HUGE thank you for those still following me and for our NEW followers! Welcome and I hope you enjoy! 

chillin. star in the making.


It’s amazing what your expectations may be of something and then when you actual experience it, it’s completely different. But that can be a good thing too: it’s nice to have expectations but I’m finding it more beneficial (and saner) to go into things with a more open mind.

Life on the island is interesting, to say the least. Things just move differently here, and I’m just not talking about the weather. For example, we inherited the previous owners ‘stray’ dog. There’s not a real ‘pound’ here so rather than adding to the stray dog problem we called city hall to have the dog removed. For $40. That we had to pay. This was over 3 weeks. The dog is still here. We’ve called multiple times and this dog guy has got to have the best job in the world because he checks in at 8 and no one knows where he is until 4 that day. One week he was sick. And the last two weeks his van has been in the shop. 2 weeks.

Internet. Don’t even get me started. I’m writing this on my iphone because we’ve lost our wifi. Again. Internet will be back soon. Albeit at on 2MB’s because of our remote location. Nice.

But we knew there would be challenges. And thankfully the great things of PR have definitely outweighed the bad.

Which brings me back to cooking. Isn’t that interesting that everything leads back to food? Or maybe that’s just me.

So food. I had these expectations of fresh fruit, produce, lovely meats, and an abundance of fresh herbs because c’mon! I live on an island where the weather is super duper ideal for growing things! Yea- I was wrong. But that’s ok– keeping an open mind and fishing out different grocery stores I’ve been able to find some really great deals and better looking produce. Plus- I’ve got my guy in the way to James’ work who still has the best looking tomatoes on the island.

So last week I was able to churn out Ellie Krieger’s stuffed peppers . Yum. And of course, it’s loaded with cheese. Being lactose intolerant whenever I do anything with cheese I go all out. If I gotta take pills I gotta make it worth it.


We also received a huge avocado from our fabulous neighbor, Don Carlos. These things are bigger than my head and they taste so much different than the ones on the mainland. It still amazes me how fresh and amazing something tastes when it’s just picked from a tree, vine, or plant.

This is definitely making me miss my garden I had in Dothan.



Rounding out the weekend I made Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Ribs. These never disappoint.


So even though things may not go as we had planned or our expectations fall short, in the brand scheme of things (like my sister Natalie said to me the other day) it’s probably not that big if deal. And in the end, there’s always a meal that can bring you comfort.


Never be within doors when you can rightly be without ~ Charlotte Mason

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