I wonder Wednesday 


Fluffy little circles of yummy goodness bathed in melting butter and sweet maple syrup that makes lazy Sunday breakfast’s perfect. Sigh….

Unless you’re me and you can’t bloody make pretty pancakes. Which probably explains why I don’t make them. Ever. I really never thought about it until the other day I saw a post on Instagram that pretty much echoed my disdain for those little orbits. To make, not to eat, mind you. 

Don’t get me wrong. I CAN make them but they’re usually more dense than light and airy and a perfect circle? I’m lucky if there aren’t any angles. And then flipping them? C’mon! Trying to figure out when it’s the right time to flip? So many factors!! And then add-ins? I don’t think so. 

So I wonder…how is it that I can do so much in the kitchen but I utterly fail at simple pancakes! I think it’s rather comical really. Maybe I’ll start practicing. 

How about you guys…is there anything that you just can’t get the hang of? 

Happy Wednesday! 



One thought on “I wonder Wednesday 

  1. Barbara Schutt October 8, 2015 at 5:21 am Reply

    It is good that you can laugh at yourself. It is rather comical because you are a wiz with all the dishes you make. My pancakes are never the same because I don’t measure, haha, but I can usually can make them round…maybe not so fluffy, lol.

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