Trials and Tribulations

So I know this has absolutely nothing to do with cooking or food, but I’m sitting in my kitchen planning out what to nom nom on for the weekend and babies come to mind. A bit of background: Husband and I were married in April of 2012. We quickly jumped on the “having a baby” bandwagon as we are not spring chickens. We were blessed with a pregnancy in November of 2012 (YEA!) but miscarried December 29th. Since then we have not been so lucky. Turns out I have a thyroid issue (on meds), a genetic mutation (mthfr – on meds) and I wasn’t ovulating regularly (now on clomid) – OH MY! Nothing like hearing what is all wrong with you to make you feel less than stellar. Oh- and did I mention I’m 35? ūüėČ

So after a week of “feeling” pregnant, turns out I’m not. So off to round 5 of clomid and we are now going to see an Infertility specialist in a few weeks. (Note: I like saying “we”…doesn’t feel like it’s JUST me. hee hee)

So I guess this brings up the whole reasoning for a partial portion of the blog. When we (the husband and me) thought about creating a blog (that I would write in) was when I was pregnant. So the idea was to chronicle my pregnancy AS I continued cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and how those two worlds join – as I know of many o people who had food aversions. But alas- that idea never did come to fruition.

So if i could impart on you, I’d still like to chronicle our journey, but as “trying”to get pregnant, instead of “we ARE pregnant”. We are coping and I must say that we have had very heartfelt conversation since I seem to be reproductively challenged. It’s amazing how such bad circumstances can entwine a copule closer. So the “talk” you may ask about? We did marry each other with having the end result be children. Yes. we both want children. No. It does not define us. We have an amazing life right now (YES- even in Dothan, Alabama) and while children will only increase how amazing our world would and could be, I am pretty certain that if it is not our cards, we’ll still have a pretty fantastic and wonderful life. And I really, truly believe this.

Does it suck- all the “failures”? Sure. But I’m getting the place now where I know I am doing everything we can do and what ever happens, will happen. We live each day to the fullest and that’s all we can keep doing. And this whole things really makes you think about what REALLY is important in your life: an idea/longing/hope or what is right in front of you creating an happy, fabulous, amazing life: my husband. ¬†Have i ever mentioned that¬†I really do have an amazing husband who supports me through every trial and tribulation, hot mess, laugh-out-loud-, ‘only my wife’, ‘at least she’s cute’ moment WE have gone through? Oh yea– definitely a keeper.

So anyway- this is my world right now. I’m not one to dwell on negative things but just thought I’d bring you up to speed. Check in later because I am sure it will be different!

Carpe Diem!

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