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oh Julia…So yes- I am one of those crazy foodies who is absolutely in love with Julia Child. Not that I have ever met her or anything but after the movie _Julie & Julia_ came out I was OBSESSED. And it wasn’t really the movie that put me over the edge but rather just the influence Julia Child has had on (most) of the cooking world. Ok- maybe some. I guess the movie just really sparked my interest in it all to a whole other level being that I was really getting into the cooking thing.

So fast forward a few years and I ended up reading a few books by Julia and others about her. And that also helped my fascination grow of her. So here I was living in Dothan, Alabama (a relocation from Phoenix, Arizona) and I was planning our wedding (which was happening in St. Louis, Missouri) and I didn’t have a job because I was lazy traveling to St. Louis every moth for a week at a time getting all the details together and finalized. Hey- I think it was a fabulous excuse. ūüėČ To pass the time and add some more interesting things in my life, I decided to cook through Julia’s cookbook. Albeit I was not as ambitious as Julie Powell to do it all in a year but figured I could knock out a recipe a week. And let me tell you…spending on average 3-5 hours making one dish was absolute heaven to me! And made me really not want to have a job anytime soon.

So fast forward to 2013 and wouldn’t you know it, I got a job: part-time at Dothan Magazine as the assistant to the owner and also in charge of distribution. While this is a part-time gig I don’t get home till almost 5pm and cooking a 3+ hour meal just really wasn’t happening. See– I’m really not that committed. PLUS- when the husband is working mornings he normally heads to bed at 8 so we need to eat early-ish. So needless to say, Julia got shelved. So I tried cooking on the weekends but that sometimes didn’t work either due to beach time. And more beach time. Did I mention we live 90 minutes away from the beach? Lovely perk for living in an itty bitty town!

Another reason for this blog about food was because a good friend of mine who I worked for and with while at ASU, Paige, posted one day on Facebook that I should blog about my Julia nights of cooking. Whenever I would do a Julia recipe I’d post about it onFacebook. It seemed like a great idea– so here we are. Along with my recommitment to blogging regularly, I am also committing to doing a weekly Julia blog.

My dad is in town this week so I will definitely be doing a Julia recipe. Oh what oh what should I do…Chicken? Beef? Lamb? hhhhmmmm….

Ps- I’ll be keeping a list of all the recipes I have done so far as well as the ones I’ll be doing from this point on. If I can find the recipes online I will also post a link but you can always refer to her fabulous cookbook!

Bon Appetit!


Fresh Rosemary and Oregano from my garden

Here we go!

I‚Äôm sitting at the Northwest¬†Florida¬†Airport (read: a one terminal airport that is the closest thing for anyone living in the Northwest portion of Florida OR¬†Dothan, Alabama) and I figure there is no better time than now to start off my blog‚Ķabout cooking‚Ķwhile sitting at the airport‚Ķeating a stale bagel… while sipping on a vodka cranberry… Hey‚Äď you gotta start somewhere, right?

So why the airport, you ask? I am heading to my hometown of good ole¬†St. Louis, Missouri¬†for my bi-annual visit. I lived there when I was growing up until I moved to¬†Phoenix¬†for¬†graduate school¬†back in 2005. I‚Äôve got lots of friends still there and my husband‚Äôs parents and family all live there. So the visit really encompasses friends and my most amazing and fabulous in-laws,¬†Vicki¬†and Don! And as a special treat‚Äď I‚Äôll be able to see my best friend,¬†Amee, before she and her amazing family moves to¬†California!

So while this post is not directly related to food or cooking, I will be doing an awful lot of eating the next 6 days! And it all starts today when I get to town and I head to my favorite little bistro for some carpaccio at Bar Italia. Later it will be a Lou (St. Louis shorthand for all you non St. Louisans) classic of BBQ pork steaks. YUM!

The rest of the week will be a long winding road of new and all time favorite restaurants, a night under the stars at the Muny, seeing old and dear friends, and catching up all things St. Louis. Oh- and I need a new Cards cap!

So stay tuned for all the trouble  adventure I can get myself into!


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