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Baby bites and a road to Tuscany

hello. My name is Jennefer and I’m addicted to the food network. And the cooking channel. And cookbooks. Lots of cookbooks. And really big, complicated, intricate, long cooking meals (hello, Julia Child). While this addiction results in some really, REALLY good food, I do get overwhelmed with ‘what’s for dinner?’  

In an attempt to organize and declutter my kitchen world, I’ve gone back to meal planning and the weekends are normally when I try to get lots of cooking done and my week in line (this is also when I do bulk batches of things like the husbands burritos that I freeze). My wonderful husband takes on baby Gabi (wait- can I still call her ‘baby’ now that she’s a year old??) so I have hours of cooking time. Yes, I get excited! I also get a chance to strap on my rain boots and work on the garden as well. Thank you husband!


how i roll. yep. no shame. 😉

So this past weekend I went to town. We had Gabi’s one year appt and she’s a little under weight so I’ve been looking into recipes to help bulk her up. I whipped up these  Tuna and sweet potato bites, which Gabi loved loved loved. Score! And to help give her more veggies, and use up the leftover sweet potato, I made these Zucchini bites. I didn’t add the onion, though, and I added some fresh thyme to this and thyme and dill to the tuna bites. Yum-o! Sorry- no pics. 😦

But the piece de résistance of the weekend had to be the porchetta I roasted on Sunday. As the opening of this post states, I love cooking shows and I recently have become obsessed with a fan of the show _Extra Virgin_ on the cooking channel. Their food always looks amazing and everything is so fresh and local. Check it out! It follows the couple from their homes in Brooklyn, LA, and beautiful Tuscany. I think I just live vicariously through them! 

The other day Gabriele made this Porchetta Sandwich and I knew I had to try it. I used an 8 pound picnic roast that is used for a classic pernil dish so I actually had to cut the bone out. This was a first and I think I did a pretty good at not mangling the meat too much! Although rolling it back up took a little creativity on how I tied it.  

mmmmm pork!

The house smelled AMAZING for the 5 hours that it roasted, low and slow. I also detached the thick fat cap, roasted it separately, and made a little chicharrón for my dad. He was in heaven. 


crispy chicharrón

The sandwiches turned out great and it was a perfect dinner to end the weekend (with lots of leftovers for carnitas, burritos, and perhaps some posole??). Total win!


the finished beauty


puerto rican bread, porchetta, cheese, with carmelized onions and green peppers


PS- did I mention that I just HAD to buy their cookbook?? Sssshhhh…don’t tell the husband. But I bought it for my Kindle, which he’s been bugging me to start using, so that’s perfectly acceptable, right? At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

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a week gone by…

So it’s been a week since we did the big move to Puerto Rico from our little town of Dothan, Alabama. I thought it was a culture shock going from Phoenix/St. Louis to Dothan but WOW! I think this one takes the cake!

It took us about a day or two to rest up from our marathon flight into Aguadilla and then it was time to head out and explore! Well, at least explore on a small scale. I’ll be compiling a list of all the restaurants/food trucks that we hit here so stay tuned for that. So far the food has been pretty darn good and authentic. Even the chinese and pizza we had a PR flair to it. We did happen to find a Lechonera close by and and it was everything we were expecting it to be: juicy and flavorful. There is a town southeast of us that have lechonerias from one end of town to the other…needless to say, this is on our list of must visits!

Pig. And avocado. And yuca. And pig. From Tropical BBQ & Lechonera.

Pig. And avocado. And yuca. And pig. From Tropical BBQ & Lechonera.

We also checked out two of the popular beaches here on the west side: Crash Boat and Jobos Beach. All I gotta say is BEAUTIFUL! We’ll of course be frequent-ing these establishments often just as soon as Gabi gets a little bigger but I do see mini trips in our very near future.

Crash Boat Beach

    Crash Boat Beach

Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach

The game plan was to take a few weeks and explore the island while we waited for our household belongings and car to be shipped. This way we didn’t have much to worry about while we shacked up on the Coast Guard Base. Have I ever mentioned how things never really go according to plan when it comes to our plans? We got the call on Monday that our container has made it’s arrival to San Juan and that it could be delivered within the next day. This was a week plus 1 day since it shipped; we were told it could take AT LEAST 3-4 weeks. Thankfully we had our fabulous house secured so the container arriving early was no big deal– just not expected. So the off-load happened on Wednesday and we will be moving into the house on Monday! We didn’t get the exploring we had wanted but at least we have our things and we can start putting our home together!

So that’s where we are at right now. Stay tuned!




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