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I Wonder Wednesday 

(I wonder… if I will ever actually post this on a WEDNESDAY) 🙂

So it’s been unusually hot (from what I’ve been told by the locals) these last few months. Plus we’ve been getting the dry air and sand storms from the Sahara so it just seems like the air is stagnant. Now I’m no stranger to a hot environment: I’ve lived in Phoenix for about 5 years, grew up in the heat and humidity in St. Louis, and experienced the southern humidity in Alabama. But all these places have something in common that is lacking in Puerto Rico…


Yep. I’d guesstimate that upwards of about 75% of the houses here (including ours) do not have air conditioning. We have a whole lot of windows instead! Word round the campfire is that 1. Electricity is crazy expensive here and 2. They don’t do central air but rather individual units that are mounted to a wall so you’d need one for every room and those aren’t cheap. Plus factor in the cost of electricity. 

We knew this coming here but we (foolishly) thought ‘oh we’re in an island. There’ll be breezes and we’ll have the tropical wind blowing through our hair.’  Yea, right. While a majority of our windows do face the windward side and we do in fact get fabulous breezes, it’s still hot! 

But it’s slowly getting bearable. At times. Now the kitchen, well that’s another matter. There’s only 4 windows and it’s closed off so there’s not really a flow of air. It gets a bit stifling in there. But does that hinder me from using the oven, doing long roasts, or whipping up big meals? Nope. Sacrifice, I say. At least that’s the story I’m sticking with. 

We do, however, have lots of ceiling fans and ground fans. And of course we have a portable air conditioner in Gabi’s room (and my dad’s room for when she hangs out with him) and that really does keep us cool. I’m working on getting one for every room but the husband hasn’t gotten on board on yet. Lol. 

So I wonder…what did people do before air conditioning was invented? Did they complain or was it just the way it is? I guess I’m just spoiled having that LUXURY for all of my life that I seriously miss it. When we stay in a hotel I’m in heaven because of the A/C! Do you think you could ever live day in and day out with it? 

We’ve had a lot of trade-offs coming here and after completing our first year, they’ve all been worth!

Happy hump day (well Thursday now)!


Nice and chill in her own air conditioning.


8 weeks!

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going by! Sweet Gabriela is 8 weeks old (she’ll be 2 months on the 10th). While 8 weeks may not be a long lifetime, I can think back to when she was just a little itty bitty newborn and how I thought she would stay that way forever. Boy was I wrong.


But these 8 weeks have been amazing, filled with ups, downs, challenges, accomplishments, and wonderful wow moments.

These 8 weeks with baby included packing up a whole house, flying from Jacksonville to New York to Puerto Rico (yes, all one trip), and then unpacking a whole new house (which is still getting unpacked, slowly but surely).

Moving is a life event on it’s own but moving to an island with a newborn made this definitely a challenging life event; at least for me. And I must say, some moments of this event were not so pretty coming from my end. These last 8 weeks really showed me that yes, indeed, I can handle whatever life may throw at me! But that I also need to be more patient, more understanding, more open to not being such a control freak person, and most definitely more kind to my husband who is nothing short of amazing.


We have accomplished so much these last 8 weeks and lil Gabi is growing and thriving in her new home. They say it takes a village to help raise a child and my little village here is helping raise such a perfect, beautiful little girl. Big thank you to my father, husband, and for all the love from family and friends far away— I really couldn’t have done these 8 weeks without you!


So as these 8 weeks come to a close and my lil girl turns 2 moths old this week (along with her 2 month shots) I see myself practicing more kindness, compassion, and understanding.

These last few weeks seems like a blur so I’m hoping once the house is finally unpacked I’ll be able to sit back, look around, and really take in our great wonderful life here and continue to watch baby Gabriela grow and make incredible memories.



PS— I’m writing this at 3.40 in the morning, on my iphone with one hand, while cuddling my little one with my other arm, running on not so much sleep, with a mini flashlight as a nightlight so that could explain why I’m feeling terribly sentimental and uncharacteristically sappy at the moment. ☺️

Oh insomnia…

Preggo girl problem #2,453– insomnia, brought on by having to pee 4 times at night. Which then led to preggo girl problem #2,454: rearranged the furniture in my bedroom to accommodate PJ’s pack n play and rocker (PJ will be sleeping in my room until the move to PR) and then forgetting I moved the bed on first said potty trip from above and almost running into the wall in my half-asleep stupor. Yea, been a pretty interesting morning and it’s not even 5am yet.

Upside to being awake at the pre-crack of dawn (if there is one) is that I can get in a little chat with my husband who is on Georgia time and who actually enjoys waking up before the sun. Please let this child of mine have more vizuete genes when it comes to sleeping!

So of course in my pre-dawn awakeness (is that a word??) I’ve noticed I’m yet again delinquent in posting. Food has been prepared, photos have been taken, and thoughts on commentary have rolled around in my brain, they just haven’t quite made it here. Yet. Perhaps I’ll do a huge montage of all that’s happening and catch you all up on the lazy craziness of the past week or so.

I’ll tackle that one once the sun has made an appearance! 😉

Where has the time gone?

Wow– It seems like FOREVER since I last blogged. Bad, bad, jen! In my defense, my father has been visiting us from Phoenix, Arizona (Avondale actually) and all my spare time has been spent with him. Sorry gang! He came to town because I conned invited him to do this awesome half marathon with my husband and me in Apalachicola, Florida. And yes, that is how i phrased the conversation to him months ago– an AWESOME half marathon! But in all seriousness: can a half marathon really be “awesome? 13.1 miles of running. Just running. And over a bridge. Twice. With views of the beautiful Apalachicola Bay, just harkening you to kick off your running shoes and take your tired body into the blue sparkling water…Or at least that’s what was running through my delirious mind when we hit mile 10-ish.

All in all it was a pretty good run…being I only really trained for about 4.2 miles. BUT I ended up running about 6.5 almost 7 miles so that was HUGE for me. The other 6+ miles weren’t pretty but I’m so thankful for my dad and James for keeping the atmosphere light and helping me through it. Yes gang– I am not a runner but I so do look the part! HAHA! I do think  I am more cut out for 5 and 10k’s!

we finished and we were all smiles! (knowing we won’t have to do another for a LOOOOONG time!)

photo 1 photo 2

Finishers!!                                                  Second time back over the bridge!

My father has been doing some “cooking” of his own by raiding my pepper garden. Of all the veggies I planted in the spring, my habanero, bell, and banana pepper plants are just thriving! So he decided to make LOTS of aji, which is a south American-style pico de gallo. YUM! OH– and he has also raided my lime tree, which bears an orange colored fruit that tastes like a Mandarin crossed with a lime.


Dad’s special aji recipe

Along with brutal half marathons and spicy as heck aji, we’ve also gone to the beach every weekend. It really is a treat living so close to the Gulf! And we always make it a point to make sure we are able to take my dad a few times when he’s here. And this past weekend was picture-perfect!


Mexico Beach/Port St. Joe. Husband trying his hand at net fishing.

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on with me. Unfortunately no Julia cooking has happened the last few weeks but I am channeling Julia heavily this week and I am planning on doing her stuffed leg of Lamb on Thursday. So stay tuned.

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