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I Wonder Wednesday!

I have been very lucky in my life to have lived in different places that offered different types of food, fruits, and veggies. I especially have my parents to thank for introducing me to a lot of different tastes at an early age (crab legs before the age of 5? Yes please!)

So I really do think that helped shape my desire to be a foodie and try out different things and recipes, which I hope to pass on to Gabriela. 


scrambled eggs with fresh dill from our garden

And in moving to Puerto Rico our arsenal of fruits and veggies available to us (via little small side of the street vendors) is pretty awesome! 

Case in point: La quenepa.  We had this when we just moved here (almost a year ago! WOW!) But we hadn’t had it since. Right now is the peak time for these little guys so there’s someone selling them everywhere. We picked up this bunch for $2! We also got some free advice from the seller that you can use these to make infused rum. I’m totally into this and apparently is a specialty over in Vieques called Bilí. 
It’s some work to get the minute fruit that’s in each pod but it’s still oh so good. 


bunch of fresh quenepas!

So I wonder…how do these fruits get discovered? In fact, how did any of our fruits, veggies, beef, pork, chicken, seafood…what-have-you, get introduced to society? Who was that person who looked at these pods and said, ‘yea, I think we can eat these!’? And even makes me wonder MORE  are those foods that have to be cooked to certain temperatures in order for them to be no longer fatal. How did that all work? Who would volunteer for THAT job?! 
Food is wonderful and amazing and should be sought after for its unique and differing tastes and textures. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in many places that helped expand and shape my palate that I just crave good, quality food. I try to pass this on to my family by cooking at home daily and also exploring new and innovative restaurants/shops that also take pride in their product. While I live with two ‘meat and potato’ kinda guys, ever so often a little foodie comes out in them. And I’m hoping the same will be true with Gabriela. 

So, as Andrew Zimmern says, ‘if it looks good…EAT IT!’


cheese plate from Lenel’s in Arecibo; from the weekend


sorry…couldn’t help but include a little pool action


I Wonder Wednesday…

I love food. Like, really, really love food. Give me shrimp, crab legs, yummy spicy chicken wings or a big fat rare steak and I will gladly take my time devouring and delighting in ever single bite. 

And I feel the same way when I’m craving a burger. And this rarely happens often and I also don’t do burgers in the house. It just seems like a lot of work (like making tacos). So when I want a burger, I. Want. A. BURGER!

There’s a yummy place we’ve found called Ola Lola’s with a fun lil atmosphere. Their burgers are a great size and very very flavorful. It’s a nice way to spend an early evening. 

Which brings me to the ‘great size’ bit…I wonder when a HUGE burger became the norm or even something sought after. I wonder when having to cut the burger with a fork and knife became something to shoot for. I mean, to each their own but that doesn’t  denote a superb burger to me. It’s just show. 

Grant it we did have a fabulous burger at Blue Fin a few months back but it seems as if their burgers have gotten bigger. Much. Much bigger. And $$. 

So I wonder what you think: an appropriate sized, fully flavored, perfectly cooked  burger or a beast of beef? Here are a few I came across the other day. Bon appetit!


And, it’s August!

Wow! Before I know it, it’s going to be 2016! When did life get so fast??!!??

Our weekend was pretty good. My dad and I did another group 5k run on Saturday. At 7 in the bloody morning. Ugh. I’m usually up around that time, which is no big deal, but being up AND ready to run 3.1 miles is a whole other story. Which is pretty funny because BG (before Gabi) we used to do 5k’s about twice a month. I never quite understood why races had to start at 7 or 8 in the morning. It’s like runners are dedicated or something. But there we were, with about 30 other crazy folk ready to run. For fun. 

I do think that knowing there were Bloody Mary’s waiting for us after really did help!

The run went great. I improved my time from last month and actually <GASP> had fun. I know, I know. Running can be fun. 

The rest of the day was pretty laid back, which was awesome! I’m so lucky to have found a husband who’s just as happy and content either exploring the island one or just laying low. Being constantly on the go would drive me crazy, I think. 


this one certainly is on the go!

Sunday was spent working on the garden and doing some much needed landscaping around the house while the husband snuggled and napped with Gabriela. They’re too cute together. I’m sad to report, however, that I think it’s Iggy the Iguana who’s going after the young seedlings in the garden. The eggshells aren’t really deterring him, lol. We’re thinking maybe chicken wire around the perimeter to see if that’ll keep him out.  So this is going to be round 3, –no 4, oh crap, who’s counting– of planting my squash and beans. Sigh. Did I mention we’re still in a drought?

So dinner tonight: it’s grill time! Who says you can’t grill on a Monday night! **NOTE: no outdoor grilling as we had no charcoal; mom fail. So meat was ‘grilled’ indoors via a grill pan. Still great char! ** I’ll be doing some churrasco on the grill and doing up some soft shelled tacos using this Tyler Florence recipe. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE him??!!??


yum! with homemade aji courtesy of my father


sunday funday hammock time!


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